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ALLMAC Electrical Engineers is now in business. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your electrical engineering needs.

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  • RPEQ Registration and Certification
    All Reports and documents issued by ALLMAC Electrical Engineers will be certified by an RPEQ registered Engineer.  You can have reassurance that a professional engineer has reviewed and approved all documents and drawings.  For more information visit
  • Experienced Engineers
    Our staff have a number of years (over 25) in the utility and mining industries and have a diverse range of experience to draw upon to assist in meeting your needs.
  • Quality Assurance
    ALLMAC Electrical Engineers are implementing a quality assurance system in accordance with ISO9001 to ensure quality of all services and documents.
  • Availability and Access
    We are based in Mackay and will travel to where we are required.  If practical and desired by our client we will limit visits to site and utilise technology where possible.  At times a site visit is essential for work and to allow visualisation of the environment.
  • Innovative Approach
    As we have varied experience and a wide range, we are able to offer a different perspective and another way of looking at a problem.  We prefer not to take solutions of the shelf and apply them to the clients situation. We like to think outside the box.
  • Arc Flash Studies
    We have completed studies for the Eastern and Western Water Treatments Plants for Melbourne Water. In addition to these ALLMAC Electrical Engineers has also completed arc flash studies for Brooklyn, Hopers Crossing, Kew, and five other smaller sewage pump stations throughout the Melbourne area.
  • Protection Coordination
    ALLMAC Electrical Engineers has undertaken some studies to determine the causes of trips during starting of a motor with star delta starting. Updated protection settings were provided and the motor successfully started. Modelling of the installation provides more accurate understanding of the starting and operating conditions in each situation and allows protection performance to be confirmed or improved.
  • Power Station Experience
    We have worked in the Power Station environment for approximately 3 years over the last 6 years. This experience has been in two of the CS Energy sites at Callide and Kogan Creek. Different issues are experienced between the sites including early lifecycle and late lifecycle maintenance. Some works included lighting upgrades, switchboard refurbishment, reliability analysis and improvement, defect reduction and capital improvement.
  • Different Experience
    Our experience includes a very wide range from which we can draw to approach almost anything. This includes finding out why a fault caused failures of equipment when first impressions don't appear to, or why something trips when it normally wouldn't. Some Root Cause Analysis or Failure Mode, Reliability Improvement or just improving maintenance performance and life extension of assets.
  • Fault Finding
    Fault Finding - we have assisted various clients with issues that almost defy logic and are not found using normal methods. for example locating the cause of a motor starting issue on site for a 1000V 132kW motor that tested fine in the workshop but not on site. We used our power quality analyser to monitor the phase currents during starting. We noticed that two of the phase currents were significantly higher than the other phase on starting. The voltages were noticed to be different with a more pronounced difference during the starting period. This indicated a connection that was not ideal upstream in the high voltage network. For more details, see our Facebook page